High School

The Great and Legendary
Lincoln High School
The Green and Gold Rattlers

Hall of Fame Inductees
Lincoln High School
Est. 1955-1970

The former High School is now
Foothills Vocation Center

Alma Mater

From the hills of the Blue Ridge
To the waves across the sea,
Let us hold aloft thy banner,
And proudly sing of thee.
Let us keep the spirit glowing
Throughout eternity;
May thy sons be ever loyal
And stand for liberty.
Let us greet
the Green and Gold
With a strong
and cordial cheer,
May our herts be ever loyal
To our Alma Mater dear.
As we stand here at thy portals,
In our hearts the echoes dwell;
It's ever onward forward
From the school
we love so well.
Though thy walls
are gray and hoary
And our stories are so old,
We will cherish every memory
Of our colors green and gold.
Yes we love our Alma Mater,
Dear old Lincoln is so true.
Thou shalt dwell
within our memory
As we love to think of Thee.
We have roamed
these hills together
While our hearts
were young and free
And as life goes on forever,
We shall always think of thee.

Lincoln High School History

Joseph R. Bryson High School

In the fall of September 1955, Lincoln High School opened its doors for education. It was the only school that offered grades 1-12. The land was owned by Mrs. Daisy Gray Thompson and Robert Anderson. The school served the community proudly for 15 years. At the end of 1970 the doors closed on Lincoln High for good.

School color: Green and Gold (1956)

Mascot: The Rattler, a product of Mr. Nathanial Hartman patterned after Florida A&M. The name Rattler is a symbol of power and beauty, both of which was found at Lincoln.