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A Proud History

In 1970, for the most part all of the five black high schools were closed as high schools in Greenville county. The progress in moving toward better education also left an empty place in the memories and hearts of those that grew up in that era and attended those schools.

Years later the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1972. Great athletes from around the state were selected and inducted into the Hall of Fame. After a few years the question was asked... why are there not more athletes and coaches from the upstate considered for induction into the Hall of Fame? People like Bill Thompson, Ernie Brock, Coach Joe Mathis and so forth.

That question led to another question of why can't we create a hall of fame that would embrace the Upstate's athletic programs and recognize with dignity, glamour and prestige, those athletes and coaches who are so deserving?

That question became an idea. From that idea came a purpose. Alumni from Sterling, Bryson, Beck, Lincoln and Washington High wee called together. From the moment anyone hear this idea and purpose, they would say that this is something great. After a number of noon day lunch meetings at the Ramada on Church Street, late night telephone conferences with many people; another meeting was held in the latter part of 1991 at Phyllis Wheatley Center. A representative from each school was present.

There, at the meeting, the final question was asked and answered. What will we call this Hall of Fame that would embrace all the schools and it's area of interest. Carol Hill said "The Piedmont Athletic Association Hall of Fame".

The rest, as they say, is History. Clyde Mayes was made Executive Director and following the first class of inductees in 1992, Clyde spent the next two years organizing the PAA's structure and building a formulation for perpetual existence:

? Articles of incorporation and by laws
? Registration with the Secretary of State office
? Tax status under 501(C)(3)
? Creation of Hall of Fame logo, symbol and stationary
? Scholarship program guidelines and criteria

With the organization structurally in place Mr. Emanuel Sullivan became the PAA Hall of Fame second Executive Director in 1995. Emanuel added present day community sports programs to the PAA's agenda; (1) High School Basketball Player of the Week; (2) County Basketball All Star Game; (3) Membership Appreciation Night; and (4) the including of Women Athletes for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Over the past 20 years seven coaches were inducted into the Hall of Fame under the Clyde Mayes administration and presently 164 coaches, players and supporters have been inducted under the Emanuel Sullivan administration.

Forever thankful, the PAA is mindful of the public support the people of the Upstate has given the Hall of Fame. This did turn out to be a good idea and a lot of fun.