Scholarship Recipients

The Scholarship Award is set up to fill a needed void between the good high school players who played a big, supporting role in most cases for their gifted teammates that get the full scholarships to colleges. Secondly, this type of grant encourages high school students to participate in athletics, to excel in class, to go to college. This unique scholarship awards athletic performance and class work. The criteria is that a student must have earned two letters in one or a single letter in a combination of two or more varsity sports and did not get a full scholarship, yet did enroll in a college after high school.

Funds for the scholarship award program are set aside yearly by the Board of Directors from our different, donations, membership dues, Senior Showcase Games proceeds and Banquet proceeds of the PAA's General fund. As can be expected, the number and amount of the awards are made possible by the availability of funds. To date the PAA scholarship award program has awarded over $100,000.00 to Greenville county students. For the most part, most of the students enrolled into instate colleges.