High School

The Great and Legendary
Bryson High School
The Maroon and Gold Hurricanes

Hall of Fame Inductees
Bryson High School
Est. 1954-1970
"Service, Simplicity, Sincerity

The former High School is now
torn down and Bryson Middle
sits on its campus

Alma Mater

Dear Bryson High,
Our Bryson High
Our hopes reach high
up to the sky.
The more we think
of you it's true,
We bring to you, all our love.
And as we stand
before thy doors,
Sons and daughters
arms unfold;
To welcome those who
have not told,
That our hearts
are made of gold.
Oh Bryson High,
Dear Bryson High,
We'll love thee more
as days go by.
And as the years go passing by
Your memories will never die.

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Rozell Sullivan

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